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Used to reduce the visible signs of ageing & visible scars.

  • 45 min
  • 199 Australian dollars
  • Arun Drive

Service Description

There is a plenty of of evidence to prove that collagen is stimulated when dermal channels are damaged by laser or microneedling. The practise of microneedling has become extremely popular. That is most likely due to the outstanding results at a fraction of the expense of laser surgery and with less downtime. Don't get me wrong, laser is incredibly successful at stimulating collagen, but for the reasons outlined above, microneedling is becoming more and more popular. Additionally, laser is risky for people with dark skin, but microneedling is great for all skin types. Medical microneedling should not be confused with the roller-type devices sold commercially by various skin care businesses. There is no roller involved in medical microneedling. It has a motor that swiftly stamps numerous tiny needles deeper into the skin's dermis than can be done with a roller. There is no need to worry about the pain we can adjust the motor speed and channel depths as well as numb you with a topical anaesthetic prior to the treatment. The roller cannot penetrate as deeply as medical microneedling. It reaches the dermis, which is where collagen is made. Because there is less chance of long-lasting redness, dermatitis, and infection with microneedling than with many other aesthetic procedures, it is seen as being safer. However, there are a few conditions that make microneedling contraindicated, including active skin infections, open wounds, and severe collagen abnormalities. Face Envi will have a consultation to ensure you are a suitable candidate to  perform microneedling on. We can not perform the treatment on skin that has recently undergone a significant amount of skin resurfacing or been intentionally exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. We have observed quite amazing improvements in scars and discolouration thanks to our microneedler. It works well to tighten the skin and generally gives the skin a brighter appearance. Additionally, it will aid in pore size reduction and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Recovery happens quickly. Almost all of the redness after microneedling can often be concealed the next day with makeup. While performing the procedure, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid are used to the skin to enhance the treatment's effectiveness by encouraging the formation of additional collagen and brightening the skin. You can have year-round better skin tone by including microneedling as a maintenance treatment two to three times a year.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non refundable but can be transferred to another day with a minimum of 48 hours notice by email. -Reschedules require a minimum of 48 hours notice. -Cancellations require a minimum of 48 hours notice. -Cancelation & Reschedules must be in writing via email. -NO SHOW appointments will result in 50% of scheduled treatment value being invoiced. You can receive a reminder TXT message (if you tick the box upon booking) and a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment and we may also call to confirm if your request this additional reminder upon booking. Please wear no Makeup to your appointment if possible. FACE ENVI HAS RECENTLY RELOCATED TO ARUNDEL !!! 18 ARUN DRIVE ARUNDEL 4214 STREET PARKING AVAILABLE If you are running late for your appointment please call us on 0475 004 111 we allow a 15 minuet late period before we cancel your appointment which will forfeit your booking deposit and may subject you to additional charges, we will call you within 5 minuets after your scheduled booking time to make contact before we cancel your appointment. To cancel your booking please contact Face Envi by email a minimum of 48 hours in advance to avoid additional charges ( To reschedule we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to avoid losing your booking deposit, however canceling after your reschedule will result in losing your deposit. Reschedules with less than 48 hours notice will result in losing your booking deposit & you will have to rebook and pay another deposit, the reason for this is that we allocate time for staff to perform the treatment which blocks out the time so other clients can't book this period, the result of this is a cost to us as its not enough time to fill the gap. No Show appointments will automatically lose their deposit and they may incur additional charges to the value of 50% of their scheduled treatment. No show clients who wish to rebook will be subject to specialised terms and conditions upon rebooking they will be required to pay the entire treatment amount in full prior to attending and will not be entitled to a refund or credit of any sort.

Contact Details

  • 18 Arun Drive, Arundel QLD, Australia

    0475 004 111




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Enquiry - 1300 914 660

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